The Artists' Pallet

The Artists' Pallet

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Books are Wonderful

Welcome to the Artist's Palette.

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The following sketches are from my Books Are Wonderful collection.
The sketches are done in graphite pencils, water colours, ink and pastel pencils.

 Madeline was so engrossed in her saucy Novel that she failed to realize that her ratatouille was en flambe. 

Why waste my time on Facebook...when I have all these wonderful books in my library to amuse and delight me and take me places that I have never even heard of before?

 Sophie may be washing the dishes, but her mind is miles away in the tub and her Harliquin Romance Novel.

Mary Jane loves to relive her favourite Mills and Boon Romances. Photobucket A Tree's True Destiny

There's nothing more satisfying than a sassy novel!